Memories of Friends and Monsters

The other day I was trying to clean out a space in my house with boxes left from our recent move.  One of the boxes was full of mementos my mom used to store in a cedar chest.    It was filled with things she kept throughout my life, starting from when I was born all the way through my first years in college.  Some of it was hysterical…some of it I could barely remember.

One of the things that struck me the hardest was a class picture from 4th grade along with a report card which had notes from my 4th Grade Teacher, Mr. McCabe.  Suddenly all sorts of memories came back from that year along with my years in Gladstone, Oregon that I never really talked about to anyone.  I’m sure many of the friends I’ve kept in touch with from that year will know what I’m talking about.

So I feel that a blog could be a good way to talk about the 4th Grade Monster known as Mr. McCabe along with the other monsters.  Talk about some of the bullying and the challenges and the stigmas that resulted in that first 4th grade year.  Maybe in getting some of this stuff off my chest, I can learn a little more about myself in the process.

So here’s my new blog, appropriately and for many, recognizably titled.


Memories of Friends and Monsters